About Us

Hello there,

I'm Ben, the founder of The Etching Bee. I'm an animal and environmental activist. My main goal in life is to have a sanctuary for animals saved from slaughter. I also aim to replant the Amazon Rainforest during my lifetime; if humans destroyed it, we can restore it.

A lifelong entrepreneur, I've always loved the idea of mastering a craft. Through years of research and experimentation, I finally came across a form of glass etching that really clicked with me.

Starting as a small business, I began selling glass water bottles as an alternative to single-use plastics. As my capabilities and reach expanded, the business began to transform into my platform to facilitate change.

After researching into the realities of plastics, I was shocked by things that I hadn't even anticipated learning about; specifically, the absurd price increase for bottled water vs. water from any running water source. This inspired me to launch a campaign that would bring accessibility to affordable, sustainable drinking methods.