Plant A Tree In The Amazon Rainforest

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OneTreePlanted is a great organization that has made planting a tree as simple as trading $1 for it. Trees are the lungs of our planet and the home of much of it's animals, including us. 

The Amazon faces widespread deforestation as a result of human practices, OneTreePlanted makes it easy for you to help replenish and restore life to the areas that have been decimated. (Not only in the Amazon, but all over the world!) 

We encourage you to check out OneTreePlanted for yourself, and also want to provide an option to make the same impact while you're already here. We simply pass the donations onto them.


To plant in areas outside of The Amazon Rainforest, Click Here 


We are a OneTreePlanted Reforestation Partner but are in no way affiliated with them. We are just playing on the same team!