The Etching Bee's Purifying Pitcher, Customizable Design

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Eliminate your plastic water bottle footprint at home by drinking purified water! The Etching Bee's Purifying Pitcher purifies all water coming out of your tap from things such as (but not limited to) lead, fluoride, chlorine, mercury, arsenic, and chromium! How does it work? The worlds smallest water purifier, that's how!

The purifying pod is GoPure™ Purification Technology. It's purifies water via an advanced ceramic made of natural resources (diatomaceous earth and silver.) Because diatomaceous earth is a natural, positively charged material, it attracts and neutralizes contaminants present in the water. Each pod purifies 264 gallons of water which is over 375 full pitcher refills! The purification pod will last about 6 months each!

Replacement Purification Pods can be purchased separately as well.

Customize your own design or choose from our designs! Any design, any image! Photographs, Logos, Images, Art, anything you want!

*Just Glass variant will not purify water, it is just the glass pitcher.

90oz Glass Pitcher